When I’m home alone


Honorable mention for general misuse of Instagram goes to Stephen King, who took blurry pictures of speaking engagements aplenty until he called it quits on updating his account last November. If you’re interested in seeing a photo of a barely distinguishable but still adorable King posing in a prop shark’s mouth at the Toronto Aquarium, though, hit @StephenKing up.

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lilacsinthedooryard :

Бенуа Moraillon
Une Enfance данс La Lune


Sarah drew this
Wow I know
My baby is so talented


‎(✿ノ◡‿◡)ノ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ reminder that if u can’t get out of bed today that’s okay and if u feel like crying on public transportation that’s okay and if u got a bad mark on a test that’s okay because there are still so many forests to explore and cities to get lost in and dogs to pet and u are only a small star in a big universe and u are doing so well


Prophet Muhammad (saws) was so full of understanding and he overflowed with compassion that he treated everyone fairly and he welcomed everyone even those who went astray and those who weren’t Muslims.

When did we become so harsh?

test administrator: when you finish your test go back and read over your answers
me: i'm never goin back the past is in the past


Autumn Morning - Grigoriy Myasoyedov



Child of Adam, you were not made of light like the Angels, nor were you made of smokeless fire as the Jinn were. So do not attempt to be perfect, rather pursue perfection. & control the fire that rages within you and do not allow it to consume you. Child of Adam, you were created from the earth; humble yourself.

❝ People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk. ❞
—   Chuck Palahniuk  (via gebeine)   —
❝ I can’t be lying on my deathbed, at 19, or 30, or 88, and be asked ‘did you accomplish everything you wanted to?’ and the answer being no, because all I had done my whole fucking existence was avoid pizza and chocolate and peanut butter. Because taste is part of the five senses and it’s part of being alive. Because I’m not going to be dropped down six feet on a rainy Thursday when I’m afraid of having a bowl of ice cream with the people I love because the voices in my head have reduced Ben & Jerry’s to nothing but numbers and percent signs which, when you really think about it, never actually meant anything at all. ❞
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Too accurate to be ignored. 

yes this is my kind of art

Reblogging again


This is the sort of art that requires you to look at it a second or third time - or several times - just to appreciate the realities it conveys. 

Art that makes u think..thumbs up.


Silvia Pellissero